At Sutherlands, our goal is to give each customer the best value possible, whether it is a Post Frame Barn or Stud Frame Garage. We use modern and enhanced computer software that is engineered specifically for the Post Frame and Stud Frame Garage Industry. We offer many different colors and configurations of the buildings themselves in order to achieve the best structure. Our construction crews follow plans and take pride in their work, we collaborate well in all phases to ensure you are satisfied when we leave the job. We don’t take shortcuts to cut cost that would affect the aesthetics or integrity of the building. When you choose a building from Sutherlands you can rest assured you have the best built building at the best possible price. Jeremy Edwards, 22 years of knowledge and experience in the industry for Sutherlands, 1801 South Zero St,Fort Smith Arkansas.


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Sutherlands' believes in building a barn you will be proud to own. For best design options and quality work from start to finish get an on-line quote from Jeremy Edwards.






Time lapse video showing construction (40'X50'X12') Post Frame Building.